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Jul 24, 2009
Just joined the other day.I am from a little town by the coast in texas.I raise paint horse for fun ,i have 2 studs,.9 mares,5colts,2 cows,2 calves,22 production red hens,3? hens,2 roosters,3 dogs.I work at a main event center(indoor roping arena).I love to raise different things I want to get several types of breeds of chickens.I have a good roost and plenty of land to roam. So i will be asking alot of (dumb) queston about different chickens from this site. So hello and if i can help anyone i will do my best.
Hi painthorse, from So Cal!
I have had paint horses for years. just recently sold my last one. I used to live, breathe, sleep, dream and die for paint horses, more so about twenty years ago. It took a LONG time for me to let go of the last one. I like horses that can "do stuff" but still have a fair amount of halter blood in them too.

Hello from Alabama, I too have been a horse person. Love paints from afar! Hope you have good luck in your chickens. They are all I can afford. But I love my feathered friends and have loved this forum too! Welcome... ruby
A big Texas-sized

Welcome neighbor .. how far down the coast are you??
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