Painting interior of particle board coop


6 Years
May 8, 2013
I've decided to go with particle board for this coop for various reasons. The thing though is I'm having troubles trying to figure out what I need.

I've heard you shouldn't use oil paints or polyurethane in coops.
I've also heard you shouldn't use latex paints on particle board because it'll cause it to chip and you should use polyurethane (or something like it) to properly seal it.

So, what should I do? I don't want to harm my chickens. Also, I want to paint it to help prevent formaldehyde from coming inside the coop from the plywood (it can leak outside through the siding, but II don't want it inside).
I haven't. But the reason why I want it is because it's cheaper then plywood, and roughly the same thing.
I'm no building expert, but I think you'll be better off not going with particle board, but going with something stronger. My only experience with particle board is in those do-it-yourself bookshelves from college days, and they were poorly built, not sturdy, and if they got wet they were ruined.
Today, all sheathing, whether plywood, OSB, particle board, etc, have glues containing formaldehyde and other nasty carcinogens. That is one reason we went with eastern yellow pine boards that we got from a local sawmill. They were cut right from the logs...and in the long run, cheaper.
Not necessarily true, particle board is made from saw dust / wood shavings (I believe) and plywood is made from compressed veneer. I agree with using pine boards or planks, its a good bet. IMHO partial board is not a good option, it will swell and break apart with any moisture. Like txnative said, it is generally used for interior (cheep) furniture and cabinets. I don't think your could seal it well enough to ensure that moisture would not get to it and any paint will just chip off. If cost is your concern, decking boards (not treated, and then stained or painted) or some kind of solid would plank should be close in cost per sqft. Not to mention, a little extra up front will save you down the road. You could also consider putting in a bit of work up front and using pallet wood, for free .
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Every time I use particle board for something I regret it. You will, too.

You'll be nailing it to 2x4's, won't you? Get 4x8' sheets of T1-11 siding. $18-30 or so depending on thickness, treated, etc. At Home Depot, Lowes, etc.
I agree, T1-100 is another sound alternative and is (for the most part) made for out buildings and siding. You would also not need to paint the interior of the coop, saving a few extra dollars in paint or stain.
Well, will a thick plywood work? I can't get solid wood due to how much I have to spend.
The siding they recommended IS plywood, RATED for outdoor use
Paint it with a GOOD oil based enamel and it will last many years.

Don't try to "cheap out" now, and just end up having to redo it later
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