Painting Interior


5 Years
Jul 26, 2014
Hi! I am trying to get the interior of my coop painted with an epoxy paint, mostly for sanitation reasons, but my chicks (3-4 months old) have just started going in and roosting on their own and I'm worried about the negative impact it might have on them spending at least one night outside while it dries and ventilates. Will they just be mildly annoyed and go back to roosting as normal the next day? Also, what type of temperatures can they handle overnight? Any suggestions on how to make those couple of days more comfortable for them? My outdoor run is well protected with a fully enclosed roof, and hardware cloth that goes 12 inches into the ground so I'm not too worried about predators for just the one night. Thanks!
It's an indoor water-based epoxy, doesn't have any warning or anything on it and I told them it was for the inside of a chicken coop so hopefully it's ok

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