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10 Years
May 6, 2009

I started priming the coop and then it was calling for rain so I stopped a few days before the rain. how long do I have to wait before I paint over the primer? Do I have to wait for X amt of sunny days before I paint over the primer?

I have to prime the run now, but I'll wait a few days of sun before priming it.

thank you!
Most primers I've used are ok to paint over in an hour or a couple hours, but just look at what the bucket you used says. If it's been a couple days then *certainly* it's ok to paint.

Have fun,

its not a matter of how long the primer dries...... I want to know because since its rained if I have to wait x amt of days before I put paint on the primer... does that make sense? since I have to wait x amt of days after rain to prime the wood, does it work the same way with the paint going on primer? do I have to wait x amt of days after rain to paint the prime?
No, you can paint at any time, the primer will block enough of the moisture for you to put paint on.
Oh, sorry, I misunderstood
As lot as the primed surface is thoroughly dry to the touch I know of no reason not to go ahead and paint right away. The primer has basically sealed the wood, you don'thave to worry about absorbed moisture the way you do before putting that initial coat (of primer) on.

Have fun,

THANK YOU!!! I was hoping this was the case but I didn't want to mess it up.
yippie! I can get back to painting! as long as it doesn't rain again, although they are saying tomorrow (what a gloomy cloudy rainy gloomy week)..

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