Pair Black Bantam Ameraucanas - pick up only Oregon

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    Sep 16, 2008
    Levan, UT
    I got a quad shipped directly from John Blehm, and only really need 2 of the hens. John isn't going to be breeding the black bantams anymore, and he sent me "the best adult breeders" he had. These birds are about a year and a half old, and this hen lays really pretty blue eggs (don't have a pic, as the eggs are under my broody).

    The rooster had several fine hair-like feathers around his eyes when he got here, but he's losing them. The hen has really nice tail carriage (couldn't get a great pic of that, she didn't like the scary phone I was holding up!). These birds are not used to being handled, but are getting better, and they all seem to be pretty sweet.

    This rooster is really growing on me, and I might change my mind, so if you want them, snatch them up quick!


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