Pair Sebatopol Geese ** Local pickup only **


Overrun with ducklings :)
10 Years
May 27, 2009
I have a pair of Sebastopol Geese that I purchased from hattricksilkies - PA back in December. They will be a year old in July. I have decided to sell them to make room to concentrate on breeding my call ducks. I did have a problem with the gander being too rough on the goose and she has a bald spot on the back of her head right now. I kept them separated for a week and put them back together last Saturday. Since then he is behaving himself with her. She is currently laying. The goose is the saddleback and the gander is the white. This auction is local pickup only and cash payment is expected on delivery.

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I hate to jinx myself, but yes, it looks like one is developing, but you have to remember, I have no clue on hatching goose eggs!!!!!!!!!! So, I am just going to give itmy best shot!

Here is a picture of them taken today.


You can see the gooses bald spot in this picture:

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Absolutely beautiful. Are they still laying? Are you sure you won't ship some eggs? If you were only closer, I would snap these up.

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