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    Apr 21, 2014

    I might just be paranoid but I feel like my orpingtons are not healthy. They arent as stocky as other chickens their age and they also seem a little pale in the face to me. I wormed them by way of their water a month ago then followed up with three drops of ivamec on the back of their necks ten days later. I DONT KNOW what the deal is!
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    What did you use when you wormed them in their water? Worming via water is not a very reliable source of deworming as chickens may drink more or less depending on the weather and if they feel crummy or not. If you used Wazine that will only take care of round worms, there are many other worms chickens can get so you would be better off using something broad spectrum like Valbazen or liquid Safeguard for goats. Dose standard size birds with 1/2 cc per bird, repeat the dose in 10 days.

    As far as Ivomec, it works well for mites but it is ineffective as a dewormer in poultry.
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