Pallet coop and chicks

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    Mar 22, 2012
    olive branch ms
    This is my first flock. I created a blog for those that want to follow the action. Please let me know if you see a problem or future problem with anything im doing. Im hoping this blog will be use full for other people building a coop out of pallets. Im very grateful for this community!

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    Looks good. The coop is high for chicks, which will probably huddle together on the ground. Hope you have access from the back as bending over in the front will get old quickly. Actually, the front access should be taller also. Make sure there are no drafts. Pallet coops tend to be a little airy. Hardware cloth would be the hot ticket for the bottom wire. Critters tend to reach through and a huddle of chicks are,,,,,ummm, sitting ducks. Have fun with your new toys.......Pop
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