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    Mar 23, 2015
    I'm going to build an 8x8 chicken coop from pallets on top of an old 4" concrete slab, I'll be using pallets on the floor my question is can I use OSB on top of the pallets ( already have osb on hand ) or should I use plywood instead?

    Would appreciate any advice, plans or ideas for an 8x8 pallet coop
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    I can't think of a situation where OSB would not be suitable and plywood would be. If you are worried about moisture maybe you could put plastic down on the slab before laying your pallets down.

    Haven't looked but I'm sure you can find tons of plans/ideas for pallet based coops both here on BackyardChickens and just a general google for them.
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    OSB can deteriorate pretty quick if it gets wet.....and lots of nooks and crannies for insect to love.
    Good idea to paint it thickly if you're going to use it.

    Pallets for flooring(and walls) can harbor insects.... and rodents.

    I'd leave the concrete as is and put a generous layer of shavings down.
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