parakeet laying eggs help!


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Jan 8, 2010
boerne, tx
my MIL's parakeet layed 3 eggs and we were very surprised because we thought we had 2 girls so the question is would she lay eggs without the presence of a male parakeet?(or do we have a male and a female) and what do we need to do for her if she lays more? we made her a nest box in the cage so she has somewhere private to lay them. the ones she layed fell to the bottom of the cage and broke.
not sure where she layed them but though maybe where she sleeps which is in a shallow dish thing that has a mirror on it. any help or advise is much appreciated thank you!
A female bird doesn't need a male to lay eggs. Egg laying in females causes some stress to the bird, also complications such as becoming egg bound or internal laying. These things can become fatal to a bird too. If you're not trying to have chicks, I would discourage the nesting behaviors.
Females have a brown cere(the part around the nostrils), while in the male it is blue. Usually a single pair doesn't breed but it is possible. They usually live in flocks in Australia . I used to attach a nest box to the outside of the cage for my hens, they are usually good mothers. Hope this helps.
Silly idea here but if she had a "clutch" to sit on, she might quit laying. Use small marbles, round buttons, anything that is close to the same size as her eggs and use that to replace her eggs. If she does like my mom's canary did, she'll stop laying and start brooding. In the case of the canary, mom replaced four eggs with large round buttons. The bird hit four and stopped. My mother's bird was so tickled to be sitting on a clutch, she would sing her little heart out. She "brooded" her marbles for four years and serenaded us the entire time.
thank you all for the replies. i hope she has finished laying. she would lay the eggs at the top of the cage on her perch so they all fell and cracked but since they weren't fertile nothing would have come from them anyway . we did place a nest type box in the cage but she never went in the box. its been about a week since she last layed so
shes done.

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