Paralysis developed with in 24 hrs no exposure to outer environment


Jan 22, 2020
Hello everyone
I needed your opnion regarding a condition that was developed in my chicks 37 days old chicks video link attached

It developed gradually they have been in brooder for for 37 days of life temperature around 34 to 37 *C or 93 to 99 *F.

Noted among 2/6 chicks in past two days


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Have you kept them at 93-99F for 37 days? If so, that could be the problem. They should be at 90-95F the first week and then reduce the temp 5 degrees F each week after that and should be off heat when fully feathered around 6 weeks. They are most likely overheating and very dehydrated. I would give them electrolytes and reduce heat to 70 and then acclimate them to your weather.

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