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Apr 19, 2013
birmingh uk.
Evening all. It would be great if I could get some information on parasite prevention, and control. Worms and mites of all kind, anything that can become an infestation with in the coop or flock. I'm starting a new again after a horrid incident with my old flock. Taken a couple of years to get back in to so go easy on me.. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I'll tell you a bit of back ground on the girls, I have two cross Orpington girls around 6weeks old. They are currently in a wooden coop with a perch each and a nest box each for later down the line, they have been wormed apparently by the previous owner. I have skaley leg spray and diatom (I think its called) mite powder to dust them as or when necessary. I also have some apple vinegar (don't no much about it or really how to administer it). What else shall I stock up on in my 'chicken medical' box?
The are mostly free range, grass and dirt, they have a dry dust patch in the sun, plenty of shade when needed, and a 5ft shed and 10' by 5' run in the process of building. I feed them on layers pellets with a small mix of corn, meal worms as a treat, and kitchen left overs here and there. I've purchased a galvanised steel feeder for easy cleaning as well as a large hanging water Despenser changed daily. I use shavings in their box and nothing on the floor as they roost high up. Is there anything I can improve on?

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