Parker and the Chicks

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Baymule, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Jul 1, 2010
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    Parker, our big black Lab/Great Dane lap dog full of love, gets sooooooo excited by the baby chicks. They were hatched Christmas day and we picked them up 3 days later. Parker is half in the kennel cage with me when I am changing the newspapers, giving them fresh feed and water, or just when I open the cage door so I can enjoy them. He wags his tail and wiggles with excitement. He licks the babies with his foot long tongue and noses them around. I watch him carefully so he doesn't hurt them and keep repeating, these are Momma's babies. I thought about their different perspectives and thought I'd share.

    What Parker sees.


    What the chicks see.........

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    What a great story and pic - thanks for sharing. Had something kind of like that with the dog in my avatar - he was curious about baby chicks as well the first time he saw them. I held one in the palm of my hand so he could sniff it and get to know it. I turned my head to look at the rest of the chicks in the brooder and heard a sound like a vacuum sucking up a ping pong ball. I looked back at my empty hand! He had sucked up the chick but was just holding it in his big wet mouth. I held out my hand and said, "Drop," and he deposited into my hand the now wet and very confused looking chick. That seemed to satisfy his curiosity and from then on he just ignores them!
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    LOL thank you for shareing. Those were both fun stories. Its always intersting to try to view things from diffrent perspectives.

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