Part Time Broodies - When will they go full time?


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Dec 5, 2008
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I have a couple of hens that want to sit on eggs...for a while. Both Silkie hens, at least one Welsummer, and an Austrolorp. All of them do the same thing. I can go out in the morning and someone will be sitting in a nest on at least one egg tha they layed that morning, sometimes there will be 2 or 3. And ALL of the broody signs are there...flattened out, sort of in a trance nearly, throwing bits of pine shavings on their backs, if you mess with them, they kind of peck at you...all that. Then I can go back out in the afternoon and whomever was sitting is out in the run. It's like "Oh, sun is up, better go outside". They all roost on the roosts at night. The next day, whatever eggs might have been there the day before, someone will sit on. For a few hours. Over and over. They are all the same age, about 8 months old. Are they just too young and getting the urge only so often? I would love to hatch out some babies "naturally". Are they just too young and I am just impatient? Givin'me fits they are.

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8 months is a little young for them to go broody. They are probably just getting in the box, laying their egg then getting off. Maybe they are laying a clutch before they sit full time. You will know when they are ready.

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