Partridge Penedesenca hatching eggs question


Mar 20, 2019
We have a PP who is sitting on 5 or 6 eggs and has been for a while now. We assumed she wasn't truly broody (she's only about 7 months old), so at first we were taking eggs away from her (not all at once but here and there). Eventually we realized she was actually broody and we should probably mark the eggs under her so we don't take the wrong ones. We marked eggs on 11/9. I'm not exactly sure how far along they are outside of that- some are bound to be older. We've candled them and they are developing but I've now read online that at this point I should probably stop candling. We won't touch them anymore.

Previously we had our polish go broody, but she wasn't hatching the eggs so we put babies under her. She was a great momma but both did pass away from weather and what we assume is being smothered in the nest. If our PP does end up hatching these eggs, we're trying to give them the best chance at life as possible so I have some questions. We have an area in another coop that is our brooder, at what point can we move her or the babies there? We live in MD and it gets quite cold at night so I don't know if they'd be warm enough without a heat source otherwise.

If the eggs don't hatch on the same day, will the baby be okay or should we remove the chick and put it in the brooder without the mom?
They should be fine under mom, but if it's below freezing, you can bring them in for peace of mind.
We put chicks under our polish hen when she was broody and she took to them really well. However, she would take them outside even in bad weather. If our PP hatches one of the eggs will she hop up and take the baby outside and leave the other eggs? Or will she be on them all until they hatch?
Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 12.29.21 PM.png

Checked a few minutes ago and saw this 🥲. At least one of the eggs was, in fact, much further along than the date marked on the egg. The dad is a black andalusian, and she was sitting on a mix of eggs- so I'm not sure of the bio mom quite yet.

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