Partridge rock?

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I see Plymouth Rocks, but the store I got my chicks from said "Partridge Rock." Are they the same? Also, I don't see much about Dixie Rainbows. I have two of them. How come?
Partridge Plymouth Rocks are a lesser known color variation of the original Barred Rocks. Partridge Rock Hens are a reddish-brown color with black edging down their back, breast and body. The copper coloring around their necks resemble partridges. Roosters are multi-colored, with red heads and upper backs and glossy black bodies, breast and tail feathers. Their saddle and hackle feathers are greenish-black and have a smattering of red throughout.

Status: A standardized, rare breed, Partridge Plymouth Rock chickens are listed with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy list as “Recovering.”

Body Type: Long, broad bodies that are deep with bred-in vitality and strength.

Mature Weight: As established by the American Poultry Association, the standard weight for Partridge Plymouth Rock chickens is: adult male- 9 ½ pounds, hen- 7 ½ pounds, cockerel- 8 pounds, pullet- 5 pounds.
I am a big fan of the partridge colour variation.

The partridge colour should be darker than pictured above, but for hatchery that is what it should look like :)

Plymouth Rocks are amazing birds.

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Thanks alot im new to having hens....still waiting for the firstlay...learning as i go
Welcome! Soon you will learn the addicting nature of raising poultry :oops:

Started out only wanting four.. Now I have 10 times that many. We even moved so we could expand lol. It's really enriching in my experience.

How many do you have now?

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