pasty butt leading to pecking

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7 Years
Feb 1, 2012
I am new at this...really really new. I got my chicks 6 days ago. I noticed this morning that the only yellow chick I have had poop stuck to her butt. I read that if that happens you should wash it off so I did. After I did this she started peckingat her butt and soon after the rest of the chicks started pecking at it too. I paniced and moved her into a brooder by herself so she wouldnt get hurt. She doesnt have any bloody spots and she looks ok but she is super noisy by herself. I tried to put her back with the others but the pecking started again immediately. Should I just keep her alone for a while? Im not sure what the best thing is for her.
you may want to put one other chick in with her keep eye on her butt did you make sure she was comply dryed off before you put her in. there is somthign they talk avbout on here that turns there tushey puple and stops the pecking but i cant remember what they call it some one will answaer soon most inpotant dont leave her by her self put at leasrt one chick in with her but you dont want to keep them away from the others for very long

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