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    Apr 30, 2008
    east freetown, ma
    HI ,

    First time posting ever anywhere , anyway my new babies arrived last sunday

    27 chicks standard and Bantams. I thought they were doing really well but this

    morning when i went to check on them , half of them had pastybutt. I washed

    them with warm water but want to know what is causing it. Also i had them

    innoculated for Marek's disease. i currently have them on non-medicated chick

    crumble ,should i switch to medicated .

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    First [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Not real sure [​IMG] why it happens, I think its just their systems "getting" going, like a newborn baby. Don't really think that they medicated feed will make the situation any better...[​IMG]

    Anyhow you just got bumped so maybe someone who knows a little more will respond...
  3. purr

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    Apr 30, 2008
    east freetown, ma

    thank you for the welcome . The chicks seem better this morning i saw another

    thread about pastybutt and they said they put veggie oil on their bums, i guess

    i'll try that if it happens again. DH is going to make them a bigger brooder this

    weekend to make them more comfy. He said the one they have is fine but they

    are growing so fast and trying to jump and fly. And they have won him over , he

    keeps saying how darn cute they are.
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    Welcome! The veggie oil needs to go on as you take them out of the shipping box. It doesn't stop the cause of pasty poo-butt, it keeps it from sticking like rock-hard glue.

    According to everything I've read, picky vent blockage is caused mostly by the stress and chilling that occurs during shipment. Also, some are convinced that feeding soy based feed too early to new chicks exacerbates the problem.

    So get them warm right away under a red heat lamp, leave them alone in a darkened corner to sleep and recuperate from their shipping ordeal and feed them nothing for 72 hours after hatching. I only give them fresh water with a dab of molasses or Gatorade in it. Once they begin feeding, I stop these supplements in the water.

    Then avoid soya feed for a few days when you do start to feed them. Instead give them finely chopped oatmeal or cornbread crumbles and some chopped hard boiled egg.

    I do this to all my hatchlings and havent had much worry over pasty butt.
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