Patmick - introducing my flock


6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
Lecanto, Florida
I have 9 chickens.
We got six and lost two to predators. I think I have 2 roosters though only one crows. Thinking we had all girls we named them Begonia (Barred Rock) and Mabel (Rhode Island Red) They are larger. Begonia crows, and seems to herd the White Leghorn hens (Flossie and Hattie) who are starting to lay eggs daily. Mabel and Begonia used to challenge each other, but Begonia is much larger and won out. Mabel gets on the hens but pecks them and drew blood on Flossie's comb. They all hang out together. They live in the chicken tractor and roost in a locked in area at night. During the day they free range.

We got 2 more chicks after we lost the first ones. They are about 4 weeks younger than the first group. We got them from the same farm store. Gretchen (BR) and Hilde (RIR) They are very friendly and learned to run and hide from the first group who would peck them on the head. The white LH's chase them. but they are now almost as big.

About 4 weeks later we got 3 more from a friend whose hen brought them out of the woods one day. I think they are Auracaunas. We named them Buffy, Abby and Chloe, but I think Chloe may be a rooster as she is quite a bit larger now.

These three and Gretchen and Hilde live in a chicken coop, but free range with the others during the day. They finally seem to be getting along because the little ones run faster and fly higher. They know to run away when I am feeding the group and the older ones assert themselves. But they are good scratchers and foragers maybe because they spent time with their mother.

They are all so much fun to watch and we sit out in the evenings with them.

We are new to this all so it will be interesting to read and learn. I am glad for the forum.

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