PATRIOT PS15 solar energizer and Premier 1 Poultry Fencing


11 Years
Nov 16, 2008
Champlain Valley, Vermont
I have used Premier 1 Poultry fencing for years and the energizer is connected to the power from the garage, which is right next to the chicken yard. This year we are going to start raising heritage meat birds and so we are building a large hoop coop which will be out in the pasture next door. I've been researching solar energizers and I see that the company who made the energizer we have now also has a solar model. It's the Patriot PS15. Does anyone have experience with this particular solar energizer, particularly in combination with Premier 1's poultry fence?

Thank you!
I use a solar charger from premier with their mesh (164 ft perimeter) and it is fine. I will never go back to house current chargers!

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