Peach Golden


12 Years
Jan 8, 2008
South Dakota & Wisconsin
Since I had to upload these photos for our eggbid auction- thought I would post them here for BYC members to see too.



This is a true Peach Golden. Peach Golden males have white tips on the feathers in the hood. If it would have any dark feathers, but still has a mostly white tipped hood then it would be a Peach Splash. I have seen many birds called peach that were actually splash goldens.
those are sooooooooo beautiful birds.
I can't tell the difference between the peach and the peach splash males?
I looked at your website you have alot of animals! They are all really cool.
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I could look at your birds all day long. They are gorgeous!! I also have gone on your website several times. I can't seem to find some of the birds that you show on BYC. Am I not looking in the correct place (pheasants) or has it not been recently updated?
Peach Splash have some dark feathers. They can range from just a few to alot as long as they have a peach colored hood with white tips.

Here is another Peach Splash male:

The following male is a splash. He has a lot of white tips but has more dark color than peach splash-

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