Peachick coloring

Feb 7, 2018
I have a peachick I hatched a few days ago and I’ve never gotten one quite this color. This is also the first year my male is with two Spalding females. He is also a Spalding. My male has thrown pied chicks with a different hen before and with these two new girls he’s thrown two whites. This is the third chick now I’m puzzled. Someone said she’s a split white with only one gene instead of two, like the others. And a few other people are saying purple, and that my male is split to purple. Pic of parents and the two white chicks, and the chick in question.

P.S. don’t mind the pieces if egg on the chick in question. She was being shrink wrapped when she hatched and it hasn’t all come off


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It appears that daddy is Spaulding split White and Purple, there is a telltale sign on his neck, the white spot. About half of his hen chicks should be Purple. Being split White he will contribute one white gene about half of the time. You must have a 'dark Pied hen or you would not be getting any Pieds. The other hen could be split White to be getting White chicks. About half of his cock chicks will also be split Purple but you can only know after breeding them to find out.

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