Peacock Becoming Aggressive

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by dorthal, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Just in recent days, my 4 year old India Blue Peacock has become aggressive to me. Currently he is in a large stall in my barn and I plan to move him out when I complete a pen. The first time he showed aggression, I had a cup of feed and had my hand through the door. It happened so fast, I was not sure what had happened. He jumped up and knocked the cup out of my hand bringing blood from my hand. I thought he might have just been hungry and impatient. Today, twice he tried to attack me. Once when I fed him and once when I opened the gate to give him fresh water. This time I was watching so I know what happened. When I finish my pen, how am I going to catch this boy, and do I dare go in the pen with him? How do I handle this aggressive behavior?

    I had planned to put him with my Black Shoulder male and 2 hens. I am worried about what would happen and if they fought, how could I separate them?

    Thanks for any suggestions and advice.
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    I know a lot of people say they run males together which is fine and dandy if they are raised together, but with this guy being 4 yrs old and set in his ways he will probably fight with the other one I never run more then 1 male to a pen. You may have to start carrying a net or something in with you to hold him back when feeding.

    If you have kids don't let them go in the pen to feed because if they can put a grown man on the ground you know he can hurt small ones pretty fast.

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    i have had a few aggressive birds in the past. I always have a yellow broom handle in the coops by the pen door.
    Anytime I EVER see a bird being aggressive or nasty in anyway i give them a nice whack with the stick.
    Since I started this, all the birds KNOW the yellow stick and dont like it. If I try to get a bird and they put up a fight I grab the stick and the birds usually quit.
    If they keep up the fight I wait till dark then go in and grab them!! Then off to isolation to cool! [​IMG]

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