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    Ok so a friend wants me to hatch peacocks for her barn. I have never hatched peacocks so I do not know when to begin and the web has not been very helpful so can someone tell what the ins and outs of peacock incubation?

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    OK, I can be of some help...[​IMG]

    First of all, a "peacock" referes ONLY to the male. A female is called a "peahen", babies are called "peachicks" and eggs are called "pea eggs". When referreing to a mixed group they are called peafowl.

    It takes 26-29 days to incubate a pea egg. I usually stop turning them once I candle and see the chick is pipping the air sac since stopping the turning too soon can kill them (usually no later than day 26). They take the same heat and humidity requirements as chicken eggs only they do NOT do well in automatic turners or in styrofoam bators (tho I have heard of a FEW that did OK with the foam ones). If you have a broody hen, use her. She will do it the very best for you. If you must use a Sportsman, put them in the bottom and turn them 2 times a day by hand. If you must use a foam bator, try to place them where they are not directly under an element OR get an expander ring (unless you have the Genesis - it has plenty of room).

    If you have more questions, feel free to ask... [​IMG]
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