Peacock (peahen) gone downhill the last 2 weeks; tried everything....


6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
Need some help: this is my second peahen out of 5 peafowl that is going down quickly. I lost the first one about 3 months ago. All 5 were raised on a wire floor for a year and are in an enclosed pen with cedar chips. They are about 15 months old. Starts off with drooping wings, becomes lethargic, low neck and head and stops eating,. I have wormed with goat wormer and dosed water with Tylan 200 next. My first hen that I lost 3 months ago was given 2 injections of Tylan 200 but she still died after becoming lethargic. I treated this hen a little differently since I still lost the first one. I assumed it was coccidiosis so I dosed everyone with Corid in the water. I have even given the hen her own dose of Corid since the others seem to be fine. She picked up her wings some and started eating again but today she seemed worse. I dosed her again with Corid and this would be her 6th day. She stumbles around and can barely keep her balance. She lies in the cedar chip most all day and night. Does anyone know what's going on? I keep 2 chickens but they are never in contact with the peafowl. The stumbling is what's puzzling me. I really think I will lose her tonight and want to prevent my others from dying. Some other symptoms I have noticed through having these guys is sneezing off and on in the last year. Much appreciated....
I don't think cedar chips are good for poultry because of the fumes. Pine shavings are better. I know nothing of peafowl, but I would have treated with Corid also. The dose should have been 2 tsp Corid liquid or 1 tsp powder in 1 gallon of water for 5-7 days.I prefer the Tylan 50, and the dose I would use would be 14 mg per each 2.2 lb daily for 5 days. Hopefully someone with more peafowl experience will chime in.
Thank you; that is the dose of Corid I used.... and the cedar chips are about half cedar and half pine. I really don't think that's the culprit. But I am willing to consider anything!
She is still alive this morning but her feet are crippled and she cannot stand at all. Gave her electrolytes, but I really think she won't make it from here. No blood in stool either.

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