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    Aug 1, 2010
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    i didnt know you could have them as pets. i would love one.. because they are beautiful. But i dont know where i would start with one? come on anybody?!
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    You could possibly check Craigslist to see if anyone is selling them or you can post an ad online seeking a peacock. Have you researched what kind you want and how to care for them?
  3. Kedreeva

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    Jun 10, 2010
    There's also a breeder's directory online that you can look up breeders in your area, or if you have an incubator, you can try to find someone selling eggs online (which is the way I'd do it, they are very flighty if you get them older). Eggs can be shipped from anywhere in the US to you, so you'd also have access to a larger range of colors. However, it is currently toward the end of the breeding season, so they will be more difficult to find in good fertile condition. However, with adults you will have to consider building housing (or if you're free-ranging, how you are going to pen them until they know where home is) before you buy them.
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    Jun 14, 2011
    I am so disappointed! I put 4 peafowl eggs in the incubator, 1 was not fertile so out it went, then the three left were chirping last night. I got up this morning and two of the eggs werent moving or chirping. One was chirping. I used a toothpick to try and pic the shell off to see if that was the problem and low and behold the two not moving anymore were dead. The other one I picked the shell off and it is still alive.(almost an hour ago) I have been waiting for it to dry alittle to put it in under the heatlamp but its not drying. Should I still put it in there? Also one of its legs is not flaying like the other what does this mean if anything. Am I just panicing or what? Some one please help!!!!!
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    Don't lose faith or hope!! IT needs to dry, stay warm, and rest. I have had them flay around for a couple of days unable to walk because the humidity in the incubator was too high. You may notice the feet and toes look very large and swollen when this occurs. Dont give up, as I have had them recover after a long rest, and even two days later they scramble around, then they are up and walking. If you have a waterer in with them put marbles in it so they dont drown because they can not keep there head up, or remove it until they are better. Again, it will need to dry, stay warm, and rest. Then once it is up, you will need to dip its beak into the water to show it how to drink, then how to eat by pecking around at the food or getting you finger wet and dipping it into some crumbles so the little tyke will peck at your finger getting some food down it.
    Good luck

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