Peafowl hatching eggs FS North FL Blue India's

Florida chick

12 Years
Jan 19, 2008


OK I have 3 eggs I collected today, but I broke one open to chekc for a bullseye. So this will be for 2 eggs and and extras if they are laid tomorrow morning. BUT at least 2 eggs. $35 shipping Priority w/ Del Conf is included. Paypal to [email protected]
ADD on a dozen for $12 more.... RIR, Black Australorpes, giant Cochins and Barred Rocks. All eggs are purebred, but our kids put todays in a huge basket, so your guess is as good as mine. LOL
SO if you want the Pea eggs its $35, if you want the Peas and a mixed bunch of purebred, then Paypal $47 and I will throw in extras. I want to ship tomorrow. thank you
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Sorry no eggs yet for sale. I have so many local orders for Peahens and Peachicks I am hatching and growing out a few rounds. BUT I can keep you posted.
Gosh I wish you were closer. I've been looking for a male peacock for my female India Blue... I'm up in NYS though and an 18 hr drive is out of the question
Oh come on is 82 and sunny here
We used to live in Oneida, NY. I don't miss the winters/
4 Peacocks left at $75 each. Pick up only they are young adults.
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OK only 2 Peacocks left now, I will drop the price to $60 each Our zipcode is 32052 you can go to to find out how far from you we are. thank you
OMG, that is just too funny! I currently live in Florida, but used to live in Oneida, too!! We are Oneida Indian (well Great-Grandma was), and my daughter was born there. It really is a small world!!

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