Pecking her own babies?


14 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Wilson, NC
I have a broody, but flighty pullet who has been sitting on a dozen eggs. The job has been shared with another pullet. When Raven gets up to eat, Angel takes over. Occasionally they set together, but not often.
Today, I heard peeping. A new, dry, baby was on the ground, about two feet in front of the nest box. I assumed it got stuck under Mama's wing when she got out of the nest. I put it under her and realized there was another chick.
Mama started pecking the babies on the head. I thought she was trying to push them under her but it looked more like pecking. Angel wanted in the nest, but Raven growled. I put her in another nest and tucked the babies under her, thinking she may have hatched them when Raven was out. She pecked them too. It looked like she picked one up by the down on its head.
Angel got out of the box with the chicks. She ran Raven out of the original nest,and got on the eggs, I tucked the littles under her and all seemed fine.
I don't recall ever seeing other hens Peck their own babies.
Anyone know what is going on?
Just checked. Both Mama's and both babies are all in the same nest.

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