Pecking order changed !!!

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    Dec 28, 2012
    In my small bantam flock, just all a sudden, the top hen is now being harassed by the other chickens. I have one rooster, two other bantam hens and a standard sized chick that was raised by the hen that is now being picked on. Could it have something to do with the foster chick getting older (she is about the size of her foster mom now) and that changed the pecking order? She won't go into the house; she just stays outside in the run and I am worried about her getting too cold. She won't approach the food/water if the other chickens are there. Her foster chick does come and hang out with her some but the others just run her off if she gets too close. But up til now, she was the one running the others off until she was done. Not sure what to do now. :-( Thanks !
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    I keep more than one feeder full at a time so the meek and bullied can still get to food. Any time you add (or remove) a bird to a flock, the pecking order gets upset until they all work it out again.

    Also, pecking order is NOT fixed, it's dynamic, can change at any time. A lower stats bird can move up and higher status birds can move down... It just happens. Rooster favorites can change and THAT will cause a pecking order rearrangement, as a rooster's favorite naturally gains status.

    Don't know if that's the case in your flock, but it is something that happens.

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