Pecking Order - how long does it take to establish


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Feb 11, 2013
Hi there,

Love this place.

Ok, so we have three existing hen's that are about a year old.

We introduced three new hens into the flock about 4 weeks ago. Four weeks ago there were about 16 weeks old, we got them when they were a week old. So they are about 20 weeks old now, almost the size of the older hens.

But the younger ones still hid in the corner when the older ones come around, they sleep on the floor of the coop instead of the roosting bars. We figured the pecking order would have been established by now, but they still get pecked by the older girls (all of them), nothing nasty, just one peck and they go running.

So how much longer before it's one happy coop. Currently the older three don't hang out with the younger three and the younger three keep to themselves.

Thanks in advance.


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Apr 3, 2013
im have the same problem with 7 week olds. i put baby powder on the bald spots (if there are any on yours) and i stopped pecking for like a day.

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