Pecking order, when introducing a hen....

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8 Years
Apr 2, 2011
NW Ohio
Trying very hard to get my one hen back into the flock. I understand pecking order, and know it has to be worked out within the flock, but what is normal, and what is not okay?

Should it draw blood? IF so , should I let it go, or step in and remove the one being attacked?

Does it take days or weeks to get it established again, before things all calm back down?

Am I up against a brick wall with no way of succeeding?

I am confused as I have heard on here constantly to rehome a hen, or rooster, but then I keep reading on here that it is near impossible to get one hen into a flock again? That is confusing to me?

Any help is appreciated, as I have vacation coming up, in a few weeks and hope to have her adjusted or at least have the ti me to try to get her in the flock again.

Please tell me I can do this.....I cannot bear to get rid of another hen....
Alot depends on how confined the area is. If you have just a small pen then it can get rough with some breeds. If you have a few acres then it won't be so bad. If they a free-range then don't expect to see anything.

If they draw blood spray the area with Blue Lotion/Kote (is use to be called just Blue Lotion back when I was a kid; so that's what I still call it) and put her back in. I'd give it a few days. Some times it can result in death, but seldom. Your coop/run needs to have a place she can run and hide if need be.
Saladin is right. I think having enough room is key and areas within the run where they can run away and hide if they are getting pecked. I have had to remove then reintroduce hens before because they were sick and needed treatment. Also for introducing pullets to the flock. I most recently I have used large planted flower pots and they worked really well as a screen.

What I have done that's worked the best was to remove a couple of key chickens from the flock and house them in a dog crate for a few days when the other one gets introduced/re-introduced. It sort of off-balances the flock dynamics and may help the new one have a smoother re-entry. You may not need to do this. Have you tried introducing them and is there aggressive pecking or just sqabbles? Squabbles will sort themselves out but if it is drawing blood, I'd pull the bully/ies out for a day or two while the new one gets on her feet.

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