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Aug 13, 2011
how do you introduce new hens to your flock?
i want to add 4 more laying hens (rhode island reds and barred rock) to my coop but im worried of the consequences... i would appreciate your help and suggestions. ttyl.


9 Years
Mar 20, 2010
Northern Kentucky
Start by having a quarrentine coop and hold the new chickens there for at least 30 days. This helps prevent bringing in diseases or other problems that could very well kill your existing flock. This coop should be as far away from your normal coop and run as possible to prevent windborn infection. After the 30 days move the new girls and their coop next to your existing coop so all the chickens can see and interact with each other without phyiscal contact. As they get used to each other you can allow them to free-range together under supervision a little at a time until they get along.

It's a drawn out process but it's how it has to be. Believe me, we've been there! Doubt we'll do it again. It's easier to just get day old chicks to raise to add to the flock when we want more girls.

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