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    Jun 16, 2008
    We got 4 chickens last week and 4 more on Sunday. I was told the first 4 were between 3-4 months old (she thought). And the second 4 were 3 1/2 months (he is positive on the age) old so I though similar ages great. What do I know about chicken ages. Well I think the first batch is much older they stand several inches higher. Here is my problem they will not stop pecking the smaller ones. I had to take the small ones out and put them in my daughters playhouse. We are still finishing the run so I plan to make a small removable fence for in there that can separate them until they grow a bit. Should I keep them separated? Are they just determining pecking order or will they continue to peck at them? Two of the birds are just relentless in their pecking. One will jump on top of the little ones and peck their heads. We only left them in there about 10 minutes cause I could not stand to hear their little cheeps of pain. [​IMG] If I should keep them separated at what age can I combine them safely? I have the coop blocked in two so that they all have a safe place to sleep for now.
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    Keep them apart until they are the same size. Then you can merge them, but do it in as large an area as you have so that the weaker ones can get away. It is distressing when it is time to let them sort out the pecking order, as some do get beat up, but as long as they are the same size they'll sort themselves out before too long.
    Good luck!
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    May 23, 2008
    I Say Put them some safe places to run from the bigger girls. And let them work out the pecking order Now. Boxes ot tubs with holes only big eneough for the babies Will work perfectly. Or even holes in your devider in the coop. Soon they will get along and learn to stay out of the big girls ways. And before you know it they will be one big happy Flock.
    Keep an eye on them though and pull out any that get injured as they will become- The Weakest Link-[​IMG]

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