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Apr 22, 2013
Hey guys, I have another problem. My babies are only three days old, but they are already pecking each other silly! I have plenty of food for them, and also add lettuce for them to play with, but they still seem much more interested in pecking each other than any thing else I give them! Do you know what I can do?
Did tou pulverize the food into powder with a coffee grinder? Is it game birdis starter at least 25% protein? Are they under a red light?
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I did not pulverize the food, it is turkey starter, I'm pretty sure it was 25% protein, and they are under a red light. Also, is it safe to feed them bugs for extra protein?
Pecking each other is a result of frustration. Something is not right in the brooder. As stated above, if they are unable to eat their food because it is too big, it needs to be crushed. Quail have tiny mouths and can not eat standard crumbles.

If the heat is too high in the brooder, this will also stir them into cannibalism. The temp should be about 95 degrees, no higher. Lower it 1 degree as see if that helps.

If they are too crowded they will turn on each other.

It is good that you have them under a red bulb. Red is more calming than white. However make sure to keep the heat off to one side and the food and water on the other. You want them to have to leave the heat to get food and water. And this also allows for them to have a place to cool off if they need to.
Oh, and don't start in with the bugs just yet. They not only need to get a variety of nutrients from the gamebird food, but being so tiny they can choke on large items. Never feed mealworms until they are 6 weeks old as they can't tell the difference between the worms and each others feet and toes. It will start them in on toe picking, something you will never train out of them. Very bad habit.
Okay thank you guys very much! I really appreciate it! I'll see what I can do to help them out.

Thesr are 7 to 9 day old coturnix. They have moved up into the large brooder and off of paper towels. That is wood stove pellets under them. Its on trial here. As you can see they are spread out so not cold and calm so not hot. They also graduated from the red bulb.
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