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May 17, 2010
Athens Illinois
Is there sucha thing in the poultry world? My daughter and I have shown rabbits for years and they have to have a three generation pedigree. Also do poultry get registered in any way?
Short answer not usually. Show breeders usually have records that go back many generations. but they don't provide them when selling birds because they are actually the culls. IDs are usually by number and without the book that goes with it are fairly useless. Eggs are harder to keep track of than live births.
Goose Dragon is basically correct. Nothing HAS to be done. Any records kept are usually be the breeder and for their own use in maintaining family lines. It is amazing how far back some of these records/pedigrees go but they are not required when showing a bird. Eggs are harder to be completely sure of and lots of folks see no need to bother as far as their own goals. One thing about the pedigree of ANY animal is the fact touched on by GD; unless the animals involved are familiar to you as far as what they were and weren't and how the genetics of that particular breeding work it's nothing but names/numbers on paper. Means nothing. The canine pedigree loaded with Champions may look impressive but if the animals and reasons for combining them are not known it really is useless except as a paper record. On the other hand, and you may have run into this with the rabbits, it can be fascinating to go through a well put together pedigree of quality stock. Like reading a good book.

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