Peeling boiled eggs by breed.

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    This isn't a "how to boil eggs" thread. (I have done lots of research on that. Egg pH, CO2 [fresh eggs have a lot, it's acidic], and moisture evaporation seem to be the primary factors there.)

    My flock is completely mixed breeds, that is no two chickens are of the same breed. I've noticed each hen has very consistent 'boiled-egg peeling difficulty', but as I only have one of each I can't tell if this is do to breed, a breeders sub strain, or individual hen.

    Example: My buff Orp.'s eggs are always easy to peel even in the first few days, while my golden sex-link's are hard to peel without chunking the white even after more than 10 days. Barred Plymouth Rock is in-between. All are stored together(first in first out), treated the same, and boiled together so the only variable is the hen.

    Has anybody with multiple hens of the same breed payed attention to whether some hen's eggs are consistently easier or harder to peel? I know it's more difficult to tell as the eggs probably all look the same within a breed and strain, while mine all look noticeably different.
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    That's weird. I was always told older eggs peeled better. Never put any thought to it being a breed difference......interesting.

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