Peeping? But no pipping...


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Dec 29, 2011
Hi y'all,
My chick (un-hatched) is under his mommy and has started peeping from in the egg, but hasn't yet made a pip hole. How long until he should pip? I am really worried that he may burst his air-bubble and die in the egg (i'm paranoid) and it's been a while since i've hatched some eggs under a hen, so I just need a refresher on what i'm supposed to do.. How long does it usually take for them to pip after they've started making noise?
Alright - So you don't think he's stuck? This is momma hen's fist time sitting on her eggs, and we did have a couple temperature mishaps.... But he sure does like to make a lot of noise in there!
It's unlikely he's truly stuck. If you try to help him now you might end up either drying out the membrane, making him really stuck, or you might rupture the blood vessels that haven't closed off yet, which could mean he'd bleed to death. If he still hasn't pipped after 30 hours but you can still hear him you could always make a very small hole in the shell to provide more air, and then bump up the humidity in your bator so the membranes don't dry out too much.

Hope he makes it out soon, though. Good luck!
Not in the incubator - Under the mommy hen. I wasn't planning to help him out, unless of course after time I think he needs it, just needed some reassuring...!
Few! Ok! I think I can live now! I'll just be patient!
He's my own special breed of chicken - a mutt!

The rooster is a rhode island red/ polish, and I am unsure of the hen.... I think it may be from my Speckled sussex
I'll be more sure when he's out!

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