pekin bantem sitting chicken


May 2, 2015
I have 2 bantems. I was told they was both female. But they act so different and i feel my white 1 (woody) is female and black (jessie) is male. One has been laying for a while now but just recently about the past 10 days the black one has took to sitting on the eggs. There was 1 to begin but there is now 4. They are bigger and a different shape to previous eggs. Do u think these could be fertile and the black chicken (jessie) is getting them ready to hatch
how old are the chickens? And could you post a picture? Have you heard any crowing? If you haven't then they are most likely not fertile and you have a broody hen. They will go broody with or without a rooster.

In order to answer your questions there are a few things we need to know.
Do you have a rooster? No rooster no way they are fertile.
How old are the chickens?
Have you heard the black one crow?

Pekin bantams are very broody chickens. I have 2 out of 3 sitting in empty nests right now. (no rooster here)
They will sit far longer than it would take to hatch eggs. My black one sat for 9 weeks last year, 3 times longer than it would take to hatch chicks.
I dont know if one is a rooster. Yes the black one has definetly made a loud nice but dont know what a crow sounds like. How would i know other then that.his been sitting for 2 weeks so far.

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