Pekin Bill Color


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
I have 4 wk old pekins. 3 have light pink/flesh colored bills and one has an orangish bill. Does that mean anything? Sex? Wrong breed slipped in? The legs are all the same color...
Nope, doesnt mean sex of duckling. The pink beaked baby is probably down in the past was crossed with an Aylesbury duck. They have pink beaks and orange beaks. They are just Pekin ducks.
Metzer sent them

I guess a comma would have been in order. I have 4 ducklings who are 1 week old. Will they turn as they age?
I got mine from Metzer as well. I was discussing my pekins elsewhere and wondered if Metzer's pekins were different like that, as some wondered if two of them were pekins at all because of the bill color, pale yellow, bright orange feet. I wondered if it was just the way the Metzer pekins were or something else. I love mine I don't care, but it might be important to someone else, if say they were showing them or breeding them for show. Two of them were like that, one was orange bill, orange feet, all three females from Metzer.
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Okay. That's funny though. I was expecting orange bills, but it really doesn't matter. We still have fun with them, my son still thinks they are adorable--he's named them Lovey, Lovey, Lovey, and Fluff Ball. We also ordered two Cuyugas--Cola and Root Beer--they do look the way I expected.
This is an old thread but I'm bringing it back up. I have 2 adults with pinkish bills, 1 very very orange bill, and 3 babies, unrelated to my adults, 2 orange and 1 pink. So did I read this correctly that the consensus was that the pink bill came from Aylesbury back down the line?

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