Pekin? Buff?


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Apr 3, 2014
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So this is Dexter he will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. I thought he was a pekin but now I'm starting to have doubts it looks like his feathers that are coming in are like a brownish color. Curious if those of you with more experience than me would think he's a buff.



I've noticed that some pekins have a tan or yellowish color when their feathers come in, so he might still be a pekin. Pin feathers can look dark while they're still in pin.
I would definitely say Buff. Not because of the feather color as much as the beak color. I have raised a large amount of Pekins and while some have bright orange beaks, and other more pink, none have that brownish color that my buff ducklings had, and which it looks yours had. So I think you have a pretty Buff duck on your hands!
I will love him either way, of course, but am kinda keeping my fingers crossed for a buff. Thank you!
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Even more confused now than before. Except I now know she's NOT a pekin. But not all that sure she's a buff either. Lots of white still mixed in. Here's some updated pictures.


Thank you guys. Yours are beautiful Going Quackers. Another question do buffs fly? When I thought she was pekin I didn't think I would have to worry now I'm wondering if I'm going to need to clip her wings or something

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