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my pekin just laid a very large egg with two yolks today which is currently in my keep or not to keep??
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They do sometimes hatch, but not often because the two ducklings are competing for resources. It would be totally fun if you hatched out twin ducks LOL :) I would keep it just to see if it hatches. :)
I've gotten those here that said, i have not heard positive things with hatching them, i personally wouldn't but if you do, update!

No offense but i think she can go for it and i don't "personally think that is a positive thing to say to someone who wants to hatch their own eggs! You are here to give good information and if you don't have facts proving that then stand back and let them do what they choose. Thankyou and pekinlove go for it! you never know what could happen!
Pete, I think you might have misinterpreted what quackers was saying. They just said that they hadn't heard positive feedback about hatching double yolkers and wouldn't personally attempt it because of the high chance that it won't reach hatching. That's a valid statement. I wouldn't personally attempt to hatch a double yolker because if it does fail to thrive it would be later in development and I'd be so heartbroken to lose it. If Pekin does try to hatch it, I'm rooting for that egg. Twins would be SO CUTE. But, I still wouldn't do it myself.

... Pekin, if you do try to hatch it, could you do updated pics candling the egg along the way??
Thanks for all your opinions means a lot to me and thanks for all the support I am waiting to see if they are fertile or not the egg is only 3 days old
A double yoke egg is difficult to hatch. The incubation process could go well. You may have to step in when hatching begins because there just isn't room for the ducklings to move around and get into position. I would read up of some of the assisted hatching posts just in case you need to step in and help the ducklings at the end.

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