pekin duck help?


May 3, 2015
*This is my first time raising ducklings on my own.* My month old pekin duckling is having trouble walking, but has no trouble let swimming. He will walk a little ways and then just lay down, but once you put him in the water he's happy as can be and loves swimming, and I have trouble getting him out of the water. Any idea what might be wrong?
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I have two pekin's myself. One of them is doing the same thing and is much larger than the other. I have been reading that is could be a niacin deficiency. I have a hard time finding niacin in gelcaps that dissolve so I bought a vitamin pack from my local farm store and mix it in their water. I also read if you cant do niacin to try brewers yeast and sprinkle it in their food. I hope this works.
Sounds like niacin deficiency. Brews or nutritional yeast is the easiest way to take care of it because it is hard to over dose the ducklings and you just sprinkle it over their food. 1 Tbsp per cup of feed. If you cannot do that then human nician tablets will work. Get the plain kind, not no flush or time released. It is 150 mg per gallon of water dissolved. I would not do gel tabs either. Just the plain tablets dissolve in water quickly.

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