Pekin Duck laying on nest


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12 Years
Nov 26, 2007
Saint Augustine, FL
I have 4 Pekin ducks, one of the 3 year old females built a nest out of the fenced area. I got the adults from a neighbor so don't know what to expect. Should I move her and the nest into the fenced area or try to put fencing around her where she is?


11 Years
Jun 26, 2008
Columbiaville, MI
i am new to ducks, but i would think fencing around her may be a little more disturbing, but hopefully more 'duck' people will jump in.

okay, i have to tell you that when i saw your screen name, Arnold Palmer almost came out my nose.

it is close to the joke in our house. when the cat looks at us with that sassy cat 'look' we always say she means, "poop in shoe!" cuz, that's how cats get revenge! (she hasn't yet, but i am SURE our day is coming!)

blessings for a wonderful bunch of ducklings!

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