Pekin duck starts laying


6 Years
Jan 21, 2015
I have a pekin duck which I got when they were one day old! We originally thought it was a girl but after a year assumed it was a boy due to the lack of egg laying! Just recently she started laying at 20 months old! Is this usual? She is very shy and sweet and has always quacked so maybe that was the give away. We live in Brisbane so the climate is warm..... advice please

Lovely duck. Not unheard of for her to wait until her second year to lay.

And the way she looks, the shape of her bill, the length of her neck, I am wondering if there might be some Runner in her ancestry.

She needs layer feed, and it would be good to give free choice crushed oyster shell as well, for calcium. And maybe once a month some vitamins in her water.

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