Pekin Duck Wing


5 Years
Oct 6, 2014
Hi guys,

I have had this little pekin duck Percy since birth, she is 6 weeks old!

She recently started to get her blood feathers and we have noticed that the feathers on one side droop down. It looks a little like angel wing but not very serious? I'm not quite sure exactly what is wrong, if anything.

If anyone can identify the issue or help assure me that it is just a thing that happens as they grow?

Photos follow:
(Note she's just about of the bath, when she is nice and calm)

The side which has the problem:

Her from above looking down her back at both sides:


This next photo is of her good side which does not have any wing hang issues:


And a nice pic of her saying Hi!!

Cheers, Thomas F
I got really worried about my pekins around the same age. Turns out that droopy wings are normal when blood feathers are coming in. They get really heavy and it will go away in about a week. Angle wing is when they point out and is not droopy.
Yep, what needlessjunk said. Droopy wings when their blood feathers are just coming in like that is normal. I don't see any sign of angel wing at all in your duck. No worries! :)

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