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6 Years
Sep 19, 2013
Hi there,
I have a female Pekin that has been laying eggs.
She had a Welsh Harleguin Drake as a "boyfriend" for 2-3 months, that would've put him at about 5 months old. I didn't see them breeding, but she has built a nest of about 7 eggs and has been laying on it most the time.
We lost the beautiful drake to a preditor last week. She was nesting at that time. Is there a chance these are fertile eggs?
She is extremely protective, and "hollars" a lot if she is disturbed. She will range during the day. I don't want to take her eggs or disturb them or her.
What should I do? Will she be able to hatch the eggs on her own?
Temperature has been 50-60 at night, and 70- 80 during the day.
thanks for the advise.......
P.S. I do want to raise the ducklings, and im also in need of another drake.
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Predator attacks can be
devastating. The only way to find out if those eggs are fertile and developing would be to candle them, unless you want to wait out the 28+ days and see if they hatch. Go out in the evening with a strong flashlight, be careful not to spook her and carefully take the eggs one at a time and hold them over the light from the flashlight, so it shines through them. Here are some duck egg candling pics as a guide:

Fingers crossed they are fertile and developing!
thank you.

Ill learn to candle them and hope for the best. Is it possible they are fertilized?
is it possible for the Welsh Harlequin drake at his age breed the duck, I didn't see any breeding, but its not like im watching them all hours of the day. Is it possible for a welsh harlequin and pekin to breed, kind of a cool cross........
In case she does hatch ducklings, I wouldn't bring in a new drake until she is finished raising her clutch. A new guy might not like the babies and mama may have a fit just having him around .

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