Pekin Duckling Growth


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7 Years
May 3, 2012
Is it just me or do Pekins grow incredibly fast!?! They are 6 weeks as of Monday and are still getting feathers.

Pekin Duckling Growth from May 3rd-May 30th

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Mine is getting there. I'll be culling the boy duck that snuck into the batch next weekend (he's related to the other girls and I don't want inbreeding).
Oh they are adorable! I want another pekin I just love the breed. I already have one, but would love another one. One is to expensive to get shipped and they have stopped selling ducks locally for this year. It's also very rare for our local feed store to get them in, they usually get mallards.
pekins are table ducks breed to be hatched and on the table in 10wks Scary how fast they grow
We have 3 Pekins and I love their chatty bossy ways. They got huge fast. They were the first to get big, the first to quack, the first to establish higher pecking order, first to get feathers, usally first into the pools, often first to the food...LOL

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