Pekin Ducks Lay Eggs?

I think it depends on how old they are their first spring. Mine was a year old in the spring and that is when she started. I have one the is about 6 months now so I don't expect her to start until the weather starts getting a little warmer next year.
Duckboy, is this a trick question? How did you think they reproduced if not through laying and incubating eggs?
I get a huge white egg from my Pekin girl every day. I want more girls because those eggs do not fit in a jumbo carton and taste delicious!

I think my girl was about 7-8 months old before she laid.
Pekins are a meat breed, so generally not heavy layers. Some lines have been bred to lay eggs, so how much your Pekin lays is going to depend upon what strain of Pekin you have.

As to what age they start to lay, they lay whenever they are darn good and ready.

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