pekin eggs 4+


14 Years
Oct 8, 2009
northeast corner al
4 + pekin duck eggs, will be pure, non-crested, fertile, will ship priority mail flat rate medium. all eggs will be bubble wrapped and nestled in shredded paper. great fertility so far. thank you for looking, have a blessed day
If anyone wants to know how nice Melissa's Pekins are, these are the two babies I hatched out in the fall, playing in their very favorite muddy corner (about 3 feet from the pool and right next to the alfalfa bin) with their Khaki Campbell friends.

(Click the picture for a bigger one) We are looking forward to spring greens so they can get a little color into their beaks, but they are really lovely birds. I was happy to hatch them.

Oh, and a birthday picture:

(Edit: Yes, that is a hole under the side of the pen. It's from a very disappointed nighttime predator. My ducks sleep in the house at night.)
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