Pekin sitting on eggs

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by keldadog, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Ok....yeah...this one caught me by surprise because these guys aren't supposed to go broody! She's been sitting for a while now...I think we should be closing in on 28 days. Is there a way I can see if they're developing?

    We had a predator get into their enclosure (coon I think) and lost one girl duck and some eggs. I knew something was up because they were all in our pool when I woke up...with the wounded girl riding low in the water. I got them out and saw she wasn't doing well...checked her over for wounds and found some scratches. She was up and walking but died later on in the day. The other girls had been laying eggs around the pen and I collected them every few days. Whatever got the duck ate the loose eggs, and looks like it got about 1/3 of the eggs in the nest. However, the broody duck went right back to her nest once they were fished out of the pool. This happened a little over a week ago and she's still sitting...will get out to eat and is very careful with the nest...turning them, etc.

    I'm not expecting much with all the commotion and sadness, but don't want to disturb her if there is a chance that something will hatch. What does everyone think? Can I check somehow?



    Oh yeah...I know they are fertile because we have a boy, too.
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    you can try candling them


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